Aerospace espresso machine

Espresso coffee is one of the most things I wouldn’t want to give up! I am a complete coffee individual and those close to me know I’m a bit of a coffee addict and can’t get the day going short of my morning and evening coffee is always my favorite. Not only do I make my own cup of coffee at home, I’ve also try out my individual roast! Even when my days are gloomy, it lifts up and energizes my frame of mind when I have a cup of espresso coffee.
I never thought making espresso coffee at home is such an easy task, am sure I’ll make it more often now An unusual machine caught my attention at my friend’s chateau. It’s made of industrialized plastic, and doesn’t actually look like something used in the kitchen, but it yields the finest blend of espresso. It’s known as an Aeropress, manufactured by Aerobie Limited, better known for Frisbees than for cuisine. I’ve been obsessed with this gadget ever since I got my first taste, and have been vouch for it to individuals alike for months now I woke up at sunrise in need of some espresso, and I recognized that it would be the impeccable gadget to use for my first “Best Espresso Machine with Grinder” post.

The Aeropress mainly comprises 5 parts:

1. Main compartment with grinder

2. Plunger

3. Mixing stick

4. Funnel

5. Coffee scoops for measuring.

Parts similar to the funnel and mixing stick are made of dark hard plastic while the main compartment and funnel are made of an equally-long-lasting semi-transparent range. The plunger consists of a high-quality rubber tip.
The funnel is used to keep your workstation spotless after filling the compartment, but it does a good job. The scoop is used to measure out enough grounds to make one “shot” of coffee in this case espresso, and the compartment has a grinder on the bottom with measurements on the side to spot the water seal mark, depending on how many shots you would like to make. Continue reading Aerospace espresso machine

The rhythm of life in Ho Chi Minh City

Going to different parts of the world is always a passion to many tourist enthusiasts. These people find traveling not just an adventure full of explorations and entertainment, but also a way of learning culture, history and the way of living in every country they travel. It might be tiring moving around to different tourist spots, but the great experience tourists had is enough to lessen and vanish the tiredness brought by traveling. Travelers are always ready anyway to face all the hassle and stress as a part of their journey, so let the things flow as it goes.

There are many beautiful countries in the Southeastern part of Asia for you to choose from. You have Bangkok, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam, but you just have to pick one at a time as it fits your schedule. If you are going to visit the amazing country of Vietnam, great tourist spots are waiting for you at different provinces and one of the most visited among those spots is the busy city of Ho Chi Minh. You can also come and move around all the beautiful places in the country of Vietnam through open bus tours or boat adventures, but that is if you have enough time.

Life in the Ho Chi Minh City

Life in the Ho Chi Minh City is very simple. If you are in the city area, you will have everything that you need, but always expect that there will be traffic jams in the city because it is the center of trade and business. The Ho Chi Minh City tour you can see of the most populated areas because there is much life in the city. So, you have to expect that the crowd will bring traffic because of the transportation.

When it comes to food, you will not have a problem looking for foods on the market because many people are working along the streets to sell food and they are cheaper than in fancy restaurants. If you are going to have a meal served at the restaurants, then choose the foods that you can afford to eat, they are not really expensive so it will surely be afforded. The Vietnamese cuisine is great and so it’s pretty sure that you will enjoy the foods served in Vietnamese restaurants.

When it comes to rooms where you want to stay, you will not worry about the cost because it is not expensive, but of course it will also depend on where you want to stay. If you choose to stay in luxurious houses, then expect to pay much, but if you prefer to stay in simple, but elegant and descent apartments or houses, then it might be cheaper. But that is not a problem as long as the place is safe and clean, then grab that chance to stay there. Continue reading The rhythm of life in Ho Chi Minh City

Places to visit when you traveling to Ho Chi Minh City

There are so many places to visit around the world and many among tourist lovers come and explore the beauty and elegance of Asia. And in the southern part of Asia, you can find great and amazing countries to visit like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia and Laos. Tourist lovers love to come and visit Asian countries because of the ease of access when it comes to transportation. And if you are going to consider expenses, especially when it comes to flights, coming to Asia is cheaper.


Many among tourist lovers would like to come and visit the beautiful country of Vietnam because this country is rich in history and have perfect tourist destinations for everybody. In the southernmost part of Vietnam, you will find a city called the Ho Chi Minh City. Visitors from all walks of life prefer to choose Ho Chi Minh City, despite of traffic jam, the crowd and being one of the busiest cities in Vietnam. The Ho Chi Minh City has much to offer for many visitors to explore and those destinations will sure give them a mark to remember.

For explorations, especially if you would like to appreciate more of the history, especially during the Vietnam Wars; and architecture from the French colonization.

You should not fail to check out the War Remnants Museum, where you can find some military equipment and there are also photographs displayed in the museum for you to have a wider exploration about the Vietnam Wars.

You should not also fail to explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, where you can really feel the Vietnam War environment. This is very important in the history of Vietnam.

Travel around Ho Chi Minh city 14

You may also come and visit the Independence Palace that stood up as a very important center for the government during the Vietnam Wars. So it is another important contribution in the History of Vietnam.

The Saigon Notre Dame Basilica is also a tourist destination for everybody, especially those who would like to visit the cathedral for worship. The cathedral is built during the 19th century and you will notice the beauty of its European style building. Another spot for worship is the Giac Lam Pagoda.

Do not fail to come and visit the Municipal Theatre of the Ho Chi Minh City because here live musical performances are shown and you will surely have a great time.

Another 19th century building that was built was the Saigon Central Post Office, the architectural design of this building is one of a kind and something that Vietnam is proud of.

When it comes to shopping time and enjoying the Vietnamese cuisine, you should not fail to come and explore the Pham Ngu Lao Street and the Ben Thanh Market.

The Ho Chi Minh City has much to offer, and for you to enjoy and have fun on your exploration, you should plan about your tour very well. Do not fail to check out the tourist destinations in Vietnam and you will surely have a great holiday.

Trampolines With Nets

Trampoline with nets very popular among children and if they use it without safety precautions there might be chances of getting a serious injury. Hence before using trampolines you have to look many things for safety purpose. First check with the stitches of the trampoline it must be sewn in a zigzag manner with repeated stitches this is called as backtracking technique. Stitching of this type provides more safety to the pad. Then check with the safety pads it is placed outside the jumping trampoline which is mostly provided with the best trampolines(read more here). This has to be very thick to protect the person from any wounds if they fall off it. The final check you have to do with this trampoline is the condition of the springs it has to be fixed in a proper order, at the same time it has to withstand the bouncing without snapping.

best-trampolines Continue reading Trampolines With Nets

The Interesting of Sapa tourism in Vietnam

Assortment of mountains in the eastern extremity of the Himalayas governs the Sa Pa District, located in 380 km north-west of Hanoi in the Lào Cai Province. Sapa tourism is attaining popularity among the tourists. The interesting aspect of Sapa tourist.

sapa tour

Climbing over the Fansipan Mountain

Viewing the sea cloud and golden rice terraces to conquer the Indochina is an adventurous task though cable car will introduce in Fansipan in near future.  Climbing over a mountain is a difficult task as many people are afraid of climbing. But it is a most fascinating experience that most people want to have it once in a life time. In the time of Vietnam visit it is the best choice to climb up the mountain if one wants to enjoy the beauty of mountain.

Defeating the “Ham Rong” through uphill over the mountain

To reach in the top of Ham Rong high which is about 1800m Town is a popular sport for adventure seeking tourists.  Many courageous travelers come Sapa to enjoy the climbing over the mountain. And on the top of the mountain the city’s roads, hotels, resorts seem small. It is a great experience for the tourists. Because when one reach in the top it will become lifetime achievement for its climbers.

Enjoying the Silver waterfall and Love waterfall.

Situated on the road to Lai Chau province Silver waterfall and Love waterfall resemblances the Love between 7th fairy and woodcutter is far reaching  from the center of town about 12km. tourists love to visit the waterfall as we all heard the story since our childhood. The mind-blowing scenery of the waterfall is able to give enormous joy to its visitors.

sapa tour

Relish the remarkable backdrop at “O Quy Ho” Pass.

Visiting in O Qui Ho pass is one of the four great pass of the north mountain as upright on top of the pass linking the two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. Continue reading The Interesting of Sapa tourism in Vietnam

Introduction travel form open bus from Vietnam to Cambodia

Planning to go for a tour out of the country was made simply because of the services offered from different agencies and companies around the world. If you happen to plan a visit in the Asian countries, you should not fail to come and drop by the Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Coming in and out of the Southeast Asian countries are easy. You will not have problems having a tourist visa because most of the Asian countries allow most foreigners to stay for at least thirty days.


And when it comes to tourists who are planning to go for a cross country from Vietnam to Cambodia, you will not have much problem because there are tour companies who will accommodate your trip. You just have to check out the schedule of buses available coming to Cambodia. There are open bus tours that will send you from Vietnam to different parts of Cambodia like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville. Cambodia is just a neighboring country of Vietnam and the cheapest way to visit Cambodia is through open bus Vietnam.

If you would like to have a trip from Saigon, Vietnam to Siem Reap, Cambodia then you have to pay at least $30 for a trip that will last for twelve hours. Then from Siem Reap, Cambodia back to Saigon, Vietnam is $38.


If you would like to have a trip from Saigon, Vietnam to Sihanouklville, Cambodia then you have to pay at least $30 for a trip that will last for thirteen hours. Then from Sihanouklville, Cambodia back to Saigon, Vietnam is $38.

If you would like to have a trip from Saigon, Vietnam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia then you have to pay at least $24 for a trip that will last for six hours. Then from Phnom Penh, Cambodia back to Saigon, Vietnam is also $24. Continue reading Introduction travel form open bus from Vietnam to Cambodia